Tantra, the Left Hand Path of Love !

The word ‘sinister’ in Latin means the left hand and Tantra has been defined as the Left Hand Path of Love ! Even though some puritans have defined it as Satanic, it is logical to assume that we cannot live without the left hand ! Dont we need two hands ? Can we live with one hand ? Will be cut off our left hand ? So we have to fuse both the Paths and this mighty Fusion is Tantra !

There are only two Paths, the Way of Mammon and the Flesh and the Way of Being and of Bliss ! The Way of Mammon is known as Preyo Marga in Sanskrit and the Way of Being is known as Sreyo Marga.

Of this, the Left Handed Path is the Path of Preyo Marga, Preyas meaning material welfare in Sanskrit.

Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words, Tanoti and Trayathe, to expand and liberate ! Expansion means to transcend boundaries. Liberate means to liberate man from the thraldom of Matter. Liberation is impossible without expansion of Consciousness. When our individual Consciousness expands to the level Cosmic, we feel whole and Self Actualisation grace us !

So then, there are two Goals, one material and the other spiritual, Bhukti and Mukti, Bhoga and Yoga. Tantra integrates both these goals and can confer both material prosperity and Bliss Eternal !

In India, there are six systems of Tantra

Saura, where the Inner Sun, the Solar Consciousness is worshipped.
Kaumara, where the Commander of the Celestials, Muruga is worshipped.
Ganapatya, where Lord Ganapathy is worshipped.
Vaishnava, where Lord Vishnu is worshipped.
Saiva, where Lord Shiva is worshipped.
Shakteya, where the Mother Goddess is worshipped.

Of these six forms of Tantra, Shakteya is that which most potent in Kali Yuga, in the Age of the Anti Christ, the Age of base passions and materialism. Where everything is ruled by Evil, Evil formidable, Evil triumphant !

Heart is all in all !

I was busy working on my 14 sites and couldnt attend to FB. Now I am back in action and will be serving the people, as we believe in the dictum, Love All, Serve All

Heart is all in all
Sadayam Hridyam
Who says this
Speaks Truth indeed !
Yasya Bhashitham
Satya Bhooshitam

Body is transitory
Dehe Parahitam Yasya
Time, Space, Causality exist not in Self
Kalau nasti, Param Sukham !

Kerala launches Neera !

Yesterday, the CM launched Neera, the coconut drink. It is non alcholic and they say it contains no preservatives !

The technology was developed by Kerala Agricultural University. 5.4 crores have been sanctioned for 3 factories for the production of Neera, with 1000 lpd ( liters per day ) capacity.

“Though even toddy is extracted in a similar manner, in the case of Neera this juice is not allowed to be fermented and it is in fact very good for health,” B Jayaprakash Naik, associate director of research, coconut mission, KAU, said. The farmer will get 1200 INR per tree per month and this will change the economic scenario in Kerala.

More plants are on the anvil. If properly implemented, the Neera Project can add 54000 crores to Kerala’s SGDP within 5 years !


Sacred Music or Bhajan videos !

I have uploaded more than 200 Sacred Music videos on my sites, Hindu Astrology and Spiritual Tourism – Heavens on Earth. I am fond of collecting good Sacred Music or Bhajan videos and these sites are more or less libraries for the same. More than 500 articles have also been uploaded at these sites.

You can view them at Sacred Music and Vedic Philosophy

This is the tradition in India. Children grow up in Bhajans. Written by ace philosophers and sung by classical playback singers, Sacred Music videos are a great help in activating the Kundalini, the serpent power coiled in mortals ! Also to keep the flock within the Eternal Law ! Of course, other civilizations have the same method, but India is the land of Rishies or Seer Poets, who composed the Vedas and Indian Culture is deeply spiritual !


Success with SMM !

Since Social Media Marketing is the latest buzz, I did it heavily with the result, my dotcom, www.eastrovedica.com got 100% marks for Social Media Impact !

Facebook 356 likes
Twitter 67
Google + 14
Delicious 7

I got 5000 friends on G +. Also I have lots of professional friends on Linkded In and other Social Media sites.

Now www.eastrovedica.com has got more than 630 K hits !

www.guruvayur4u.com got 71%, with 351 likes.

I will do so for my marketing dotcom, www.marketingeducate.com, which has less hits !

Watch vintage PG Wodehouse !

I am of the opinion that Sir PG Wodehousian is unrivalled in the Art of Writing. A Master writer !

See Lord Emsworth’s infatuation with the Empress, his call for arms when he hears that the Empress has been kidnapped and that its bed has not been slept in. Come Galahad with his conspiracy theories, that this is the work of an international gang ! With Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe as the leader !


Water Therapy is effective !

I found Water Therapy effective. After my piles operation, I had a big problem. Hard stools were coming out with blood. I added a banana in my daily diet ( A banana a day keeps Constipation away ). This reduced constipation.

Now I take in 3 glasses of water before tea in the morning and I get good motion ! I do the same method at night and same result ! So Water Therapy has solved the problem.

During that phase, I experimented with pineapple slices. It gave amazing result. Pine apple juice and slices are antidotes to constipation.

I now avoid non veg, alcohol, milk and hot and sour foods. These foods are constipating. When I did Self Analysis, I found that piles is the tertiary cause, constipation the secondary cause and constipating foods the primary cause ! So avoid constipating foods, as Constipation is the root cause of all diseases !

Self-abnegation, which I learnt in Yoga,even though difficult, yields rewards ! It gives Jithendriyathva or mastery of the sense organs. According to Yogic Philosophy, the five senses are our enemies. We have to starve them to death,if we are to achieve self-mastery !

He who overcomes his tongue, conquers all ! Jithe Sarve Jithe Rase !

Indian Elections !

The time for Modi will change after Apr 19th. Transit Jupiter shows his effects 2 months before, dwimasau gurau.

Transit Jupiter moves over to sidereal Cancer on Jun 19th. But he shows his effects from 19 Apr onwards, 60 days before !

Now Jupiter is tenanting the unfavorable 8th in Modi’s horoscope. But Jove will come to the benign 9th on Jun 19th.

On the contrary, Kejriwal will have to contend with an adverse Jove from Jun 19th onwards. His Jupiter will come to his malevolent 3rd !

Since Rahul Gandhi also has a Lunar Ascendant just like Modi, his time may improve after Jun 19th.

Let us see when the Indian elections happen.

In India’s horoscope, she is having a lean time with soaring inflation, scarcity of oil, gas, infrastructure etc. Jupiter moving in to First will not mitigate problems. So, for one more year, we dont see any optmistic trends.

The elections itself is a big problem. Suppose, after spending crores of rupees, we get a hung Parliament ?